Prophecy News 2:29 pm Mar 03

Zero-option in Afghanistan called off?
Karzai: This is the only way I could force people to pay attention.
Hamid Karzai wants Americans to know that he’s not opposed to American assistance, as long as it’s assistance. The outgoing president of Afghanistan…


Prophecy News 2:30 pm Mar 02

Dog-Killing Afghan Refugee to Swedes: “Throw Me Out and I’ll Kill 10 of You”

Sweden has a major Muslim settler problem and this video capturing the antics of an Afghan refugee threatening Swedish passengers has gone viral.
A 23-year-old man from Afghanistan on a tram in…

Prophecy News 11:03 am Mar 02

Erekat: Israel is keeping Hamas in power in Gaza
Chief Palestinian negotiator accuses Jerusalem of colluding with Islamic party; Hamas blasts Egyptian court over blacklist move


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Erekat: Israel is keeping Hamas in power in Gaza…

Prophecy News 8:29 pm Feb 27

Congressional panel probes Extortion 17 tragedy in Afghanistan
A House of Representatives committee heard testimony on Thursday regarding a military special operations mission in 2011, code named “Extortion 17” by the personnel involved in the classified ope…